What Would You Opt For?

Long Term Benefits or Short Term Benefits

Before we plunge in to the ‘virtuous material’…I want you to grasp something real important without which, YOU cannot get near to success.

The ‘rude reality’ that I am going to show now is enough to take you to a different level from where you are now and it will become very easy to decide if you need long term benefits or short term.

Most internet marketers (at-least those who do not make money) work as I have shown in the diagram below…!

Make money blogging

  1. Many of us who started including me were having a mindset of just making money. This mindset is nothing but Imperfect and Inconsistent Mindset because it has maximum unrest and always un-focused.
  2. People hangout on forums and social media to look for what worked for leaders in the industry and how do they make money! Most people think… “if it has worked for them, it should also work for me” – If you are also one of them, then let me warn you, this is the best reason for your failure.
  3. Upon knowing the trick, you jump in to implementation stage aggressively. Most marketers out there have no passion to implement the strategy they learn from fellow marketers. They just implement for the sake of implementing without having strategized approach.
  4. Depending upon your approach, you get either failure or success.
  5. If you get success, then that’s good but for how long that success is going to be with you – let me warn you – most of the time you get short term gain and have no idea on how to scale it up high for more profits.
  6. In either case, you go back to forums and social media to look for another shiny object. That is what we call as ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’.

If you notice the flow… Is it not something similar to a loop – a circle?

You are coming back to the point you started from!

Success is a steep line moving upwards – not a circle.


There are specific reasoning attached to all above and I want to make you aware of those:

What has worked for me, may or may not work for you — that’s the fact.

Most people try to just copy successful people without having any knowledge of the struggle behind the success.

Consider my own example: When I write some posts on my website, I take in to account the font size, line height, font weight, font type, an image with deep captions, color coding, table of contents, resource box, call to action and many other parameters to ensure my posts come out really structured, which I know is always welcomed by my visitors.

If someone copies me, they would have no idea why I have chosen a specific font or font size and why I have used specific colors and many other such parameters which comes in to play.

They will just copy. That’s it.

All the parameters I have given above have some sense within our posts and pages.

Blogging has some rules and regulations to follow which those copycats will have no idea of.

So don’t be one of them.

Implementation Stage – A big hurdle.

People want easy money and that’s the fact.

It is this very reason for you to not make money online.

There is nothing like easy money or else you would not be reading this today.

If there was easy money, every Tom, Dick and Harry could be millionaires today.

When implementation and strategization time comes, we are the best guy to excuse ourselves …

  • It’s hell of a work.
  • You mean I have to do all this!
  • This is real hard; there must be some other way.
  • I don’t think that guy must have done all this work.
  • Don’t you think this is too much for me?
  • You want to tell me you are doing all this?

Are you familiar with all those excuses!

I bet, YES.

For you to bear fruit after some time, you have to sow a seed and it is only possible with a perfect mindset, a goal in your mind, a strategy to approach, dedication to motivate yourself to dig the land and sow a seed.

Am I correct?

The same ‘sowing and reaping’ applies to so called, Internet Marketing.

There is no shortcut and if you take it, you could get some fast cash but it won’t last for long.

I mean the technique won’t last for long and ultimately you will end up having a shiny object syndrome.

You will then look for another shiny object in the market to try.

Is it that you want?

That cycle will continue and you’ll end up in frustrations and quit internet marketing to shout from the top of your terrace— > ‘There is no money to be made online, it is all hype, all those hard promises are fake’.

I think you do not want to be among them, Isn’t?

Imperfect & Inconsistent Mindset – A mindset To Invite Disaster.

For you to reap benefits and get the fruits of your efforts, you need to wait with patience because plants won’t give you fruits but trees will!


Do you get fruits the very next day, you sow the seed?

You don’t!

Most marketers have no patience, they want to get results NOW.

This is what I call, an imperfect mindset.

If you have no passion towards what you do, you also will not have the capability to persevere in hard times and you’ll quit.

This happens to 80% of marketers who fail and 20% of marketers survive with a weapon called passion.

Do you want a guaranteed process that can make you money?

A process that can never fail…a process that gives you the answers to all your ‘how to?’

Let me show you what works and a system that never fails!

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